Free-Range, Organic Pork

PLACE YOUR ORDER NOW! We have limited numbers available.

We are now taking orders for Whole or Half, Free-Range, Grass Fed, Organic PorkFamily raised, with no medications, hormones, insecticides or antibiotics!

Only $4.00/lb with average Hanging Weight sizes of
150 lbs. - Whole
and 75 lbs. - HalfAll hogs are processed and inspected at an Ontario Government Licensed Facility.

About Ordering

Whole or One Side orders are available on a 'first come, first served' basis, so we encourage you to place your orders early as we have a VERY limited number available yearly.

If you need freezer space, please contact us. Nothing is impossible!

Free-Range Turkeys also available on request. Contact Us

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Chickens Average 6lb./bird $ 3.25/lb

Useful Information

  • Free-range
  • Average of 150lbs. Whole or 75lbs. Half - Hanging weight
  • Government Inspected
  • Fed organic Ontario grains
  • Organic, Heritage Turkeys, Geese & Ducks available by special request…

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