About Us

Food the way it used to be.... Roots, Wings & Things is a family run Micro-Farm based in Southern Ontario with a focus on clean, natural, organic food.

Our meat, eggs, vegetables and other value added products are all raised, grown and created with sustainability and natural wholesomeness in mind.

What you WILL NOT find are any GMO products or other 'Franken-Foods' offered by us. What you WILL find are products that are not chemically treated, sprayed or medicated and are grown, raised, fed and made as naturally as possible.

All our meat is professionally butchered and inspected at government licensed facilities to ensure quality and customer safety.

We are sure that you will notice an amazing difference in the food from our little farm compared to the chemically saturated items you find at the grocery store

Food the way it's
supposed to be.
Our other products include natural, hand-made soap, pickled eggs, jerky, home canned products & much more! We encourage you to learn more about us and natural food here on our website and keep up with us on Facebook & Twitter for up to the minute news and specials.

We are licensed by Foodland Ontario as well as Homegrown Ontario so you can be sure that EVERYTHING offered by us has been fed with, born, raised, processed and created locally!

Buy Natural, Buy Local… Good Health to You!

Dave, Sharon & Robyn Alexander


"[The] eggs which I had this morning for breakfast... are gorgeous and delicious! I'm very excited that you are doing this! What an undertaking!"
- Stephanie Auer
"We cooked our first of your chickens tonight - scrumptious!"
- Sandra Leone

Buy Local!

In most cases, we can deliver. Click here for more info on receiving your purchases.