About the 'Ultimate OTR Collection'

Template Thank you for visiting our site. The Ultimate OTR Collection is family owned and operated by Roots, Wings & Things Farm based in Southern Ontario, Canada.

If you are an Old-Time Radio enthusiast or are new to OTR, we are sure you will find something you will enjoy here!

If you are looking for LIVE recordings of Glenn Miller or Benny Goodman, classic episodes of The Twilight Zone, original Lone Ranger, Superman or Green Hornet or epic Dragnet shows, we have it.

The Ultimate OTR Collection is now over 140,000 shows!!

Want a sample? Be sure to subscribe to our Podcast and listen to a WIDE variety of what is available for your own personal collection.


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IT'S HERE! - - The Ultimate OTR Collection Audio Podcast.

The new OTR Podcast features a show or episope from one of the genres in our vast collection weekly. There is a wide variety, so be sure to subscribe to get regular shows directly from the collections you can get right here on the website.